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Corazón Dulce Mass Production Commercial License

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Corazón Dulce Mass Production Commercial License
Price:   $20.00   
Product Code: Dulce-CORO104
Added at: 2011-11-16 17:56:50
License Information:
License information
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If you are planning to produce more than 1000 copy of products or/and  wholesale or/and large retail, you must purchase MASS COMMERCIAL LICENSE seperately.

If you already purchased any CORAZON DULCE designs sets  and would like to add the MASS COMMERCIAL LICENSE  option, you can purchase it by using this option.

Please enter the quantity needed for each set you wish to use commercially.  

Upon checkout, please enter the product's name that you are licensing for into the customer comments section.

Please keep Order Complete emails and your PAYPAL receipt for proof of License. There won't be any document sent to you.