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Be my valentine Clipart

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Be my valentine Clipart
Price:   $5.00   
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Product Code: PG-PGCLPK448
Added at: 2013-01-07 13:36:38
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License information
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Be my valentine Clipart including girl holding heart, heart variations flowers and more , perfect for logos, websites, cards, scrapbooking, valentines day craft projects and more.


You will receive:
- Each clipart saved separately in 6”x 6” 300 dpi PNG files, transparent background
- Each clipart saved seperately in 6” x 6” 300 dpi JPEG files suitable for all image programs
- 1 EPS file with all the elements organized and seperated onto different layers, fully customizable.
- Perfect for digital and perfect to print.
Commercial credit required: You must give credit to designer wherever you display your product.
Crediting should be as same as displayed here: Graphics by Pretty Grafik at Mygrafico
Commercial no credit needed: You must purchase the extra fee for this use and credit is not needed. 
Non-Profit: This is for all personal or non profit use. Credit not required.
keywords:  girl, woman, hearts, love, heart, valentines, valentine's day, sweetheart, in love, passion, affection, party, invitations, designs graphics, illustration, stock image, elements, commercial use, clipart, clip art, images, graphics, vector art, embellishment