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Q:  How Do I receive my products?

A: Mygrafico is DIGITAL GRAPHICS store, We do not sell any physical kits, papers or scrapbook supplies. All products are digital and downloadable from your account page. If your payment is cleared, your order will be ready to be downloaded.

Q:  What is the difference between buying from a clipart site and mygrafico?

A: Mygrafico is a unique design website offering variety of designer source files. Each Vendor is hand picked and provides high quality designs from cliparts to textile patterns, web templates to wedding invitations. Such a wide range of unique and low priced products just for mygrafico customers.

Q:  I am registered to MYGRAFICO COMMUNITY WEBSITE ( But I cannot checkout on the stor with my login information.

A: Our community site and store are two different systems. You need to register both areas to be able to use our store or community.

Q: Why I am asked to enter my personal information on checkout?

A: We collect personal information to create invoices and also for tax purposes. Your information will be never shared or sold to 3rd party organizations. Please read our Privacy Policy.

Q: What kind of payment options you have?

A: We accept PayPal, Moneybookers and Credit Card payments through our PayPal secure transaction page. After checkout you will be redirected to that page , If you have PayPal account just login to your account and make the payment, or you can select Credit Card option on the same page and proceed. 

Q: Do I need to register to buy items from you?

A: Yes, you need to register to our site to be able to buy products, this also gives you the option to create an account and track your orders and have access to all your invoice and download links.

Q: How to unsubscribe from Mygrafico newsletters?

A: We have 2 seperate newsletters regarding new products or sales:

Weekly newsletter
The unsubscripton section from our weekly newsletter is under MYGRAFICO.COM website’s bottom part
simply enter your email and click unsubscribe or click on the UNSUBSCRIBE link found under newsletter.

Daily sale newsletter
You only receive this email if you are a member of Mygrafico Community. Click the link at the bottom of the newsletter stating MANAGING EMAILS.  Login to your community account, go to PROFILE page and click EMAIL SETTINGS tab. You can adjust all notifcations from that page. More information about notifictions can be found under this POST.


Q: What is Commercial Use License. Do I need to purchase it?

A: If you are going to use the items for Profit and commercial purposes, you MAY need to purchase extra license for that. Please read our License options here.

Q:  What are the formats and sizes am I going to receive?

A:  All our files are compressed with ZIP and that is what you will download. After downloading zip file, right click on it and extract actual graphics out.  Each item comes with Industry standard formats. All Photoshop templates comes as PSD format. All Vector designs come as EPS format, All Traditional media designs come as 300 dpi JPEG or PNG formats. Item file can include one or more formats, Please read product description pages to understand what you will receive. MYGRAFICO is not responsible for Designer's formats or descriptions, so be sure what you are purchasing. 

Q:  If I purchased a file and cannot open it , Can I get a REFUND?

A: Due to the digital nature of ITEMS , there are NO REFUNDS on items delivered electronically. Please read product description pages carefully about what formats, size or how many designs you are purchasing. Once it is purchased its Final. If you have received your downloads corrupted or experience problems ,we will help you to receive purchased files , please contact us if you have any problems with files. 

Q:  Can I re-sell the clipart, digi stamp or template I purchased from you?

A: NO. You cannot re-sell any products purchased from Mygrafico AS IS or altered. You have to create a product and use our designs on it and make commercial activities.

Q:  What are my limitations on FREEBIES?
A: Freebies are only for personal and Non-profit use. You cannot use free files for commercial purposes. They can be purchased with a license if needed. Contact us for purchasing Freebie file license options. 

Q:  I do not see what I am looking for, can I make design suggestions?
A: Yes! The best way to do is to join our community at  All our artists are there to help you and take any suggestions you may have.


Q:  I cannot add items in my basket or login. What's the problem?

A: Some browser settings may block Mygrafico to function properly, make sure to enable 3rd party cookies. Clean temporary internet files and cookies and restart your browser. If problem persists, please use different browser  (ie FIREFOX , Internet Explorer or Chrome browser.) If you still experience issues try disabling your firewall and virus program during registration. Some country's main internet providers such as South Africa Telkomsa. net block our features and it is not possible to control these from our end. Please contact us.

Q: How am I going to enable cookies?

A: Please refer this page for different browser options. 

Q: I am going to order products, where am I going to download them?

A: Download links are sent automatically after successful payment. You will be notified by email about your order and links. Check your spam folders if you have not received links in 10 minutes.  Download links are available in your Order History to download as well. Links will expire in 30 days OR after 15 attempts. 

PAYPAL ORDERS:  Download links sent instantly after payment is received. Download link emails may go into Junk or Spam folder. Especially if you have default spam filters like Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail accounts have. If you have not received your links in 10 minutes please Login to your account and check the status of your order. If it is completed your links can be downloaded under your Order History page.
MONEYBOOKERS ORDERS: Please note that our staff manually process all MONEYBOOKERS orders during the day. Order links sent after manual processing and it may take longer to receive links, especially holidays.This option is not INSTANT DOWNLOAD.

Q: My download links are sent broken. How am I going to get my files?

A: Please login into your account and you can find all purchased items and download links under ORDER HISTORY. If you still experience problems downloading your items please email us your order number and we will take care of it.

Q: After I made my payment, I received PAYMENT FAILED error! But My Paypal shows I paid.
A: This problem usually occurs when we have so many sales at the same time, Paypal fails to send Payment completed notification and redirects customer to ERROR PAGE. In this case please make sure you have your PAID receipt from PAYPAL and contact us stating the problem. We check our records and match the payment, you will receive your download links right away. 

Q: I make the payment with my Paypal account but my order is still pending and download links are not sent. Why?

A: If you do not have enough funds in your PayPal account, PayPal requests money through your bank account and it will take 5 business days to clear. In this case after 5 business days when we receive the payment your order will be completed and links will be sent automatically.  


A: If you have lost your files, due to a system crash or misplaced them, you can email to reset your Download links. Please keep in mind MYGRAFICO has 60 days POLICY to keep your data. It is your responsibility to back up your files. After 60 days period MYGRAFICO CANNOT GUARANTEE the availability of sets and only available product link's can be activated. Files retired in our RETIREMENT SALE cannot be activated as these are announced as retiring products, naturally they will be retired from our store after their sale is over.